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A Social Network For Federal Employees?

A Social Network For Federal Employees?

It seems as if the American federal government is using a tool already familiar to terrorists and teenagers around the globe. Social networking has caught on with Uncle Sam’s minions, although it seems to be focusing on “the young bucks” of the system (if you consider 35 young that is).

( is your home for the views and voices that matter to young people working in and around the federal government. Catch the latest editorials, advice, profiles and interviews on subjects that affect your work and your life.

The opinions featured here are just the start.

According to, Young Feds seems to be supported by none other than GEICO, an insurance company best remembered for its humerous gecko.

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Young Feds seems to have the basics of a social network, with a forum based on phpBB. Suprisingly, the site seems to be fairly open as any 13 year old can register themselves online (unless, of course their real forum is hidden away from the public view).

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