An interesting question as to where to start blogging?

Duncan Riley> I get various emails through the Blog Herald, some pleasant, others occasionally unpleasant, and some so brilliantly simple they are worthy of blogging. This one from A Dvorak:

I recently visited The Blog Herald website and was instantly hooked.
I am starting my own blog, and I was wondering if you could give me a few tips on how to make a successful blog.
Many thanks for your kind help. ”

Aside from endearing him or herself for ever with the first line, its was a simple yet fine question. How to start a successful blog.

My response was for some more information
1. Do you know much about servers and setting up sites?
2. Are you happy to pay for a blog or would you prefer a free service?

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But why leave it up to me alone. I believe that my response will be slanted depending on the response to the two questions. But after recommendations for service provision, where to next? Share your thoughts with your fellow readers (and hopefully A Dvorak who is now a loyal reader). It’s always an area of interest to many: what makes a successful blog? The answers will be emailed to A Dvorak after a couple of days. Fire away and add your comment!

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