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Asia’s Largest Blog Network Just Got Better

Asia’s Largest Blog Network Just Got Better

Instablogs, a blog/social network desiring to bring bloggers and readers closer together has launched another feature allowing users to not only submit stories for the Instablogs Network, but also create a blog as well.

(InstaMedia) Instablogs Community in simple words is a personalized platform that endeavors to bring bloggers and readers closer. We do it by keeping the focus on the readers and actually making them a part of the whole blogging process. We have plethora of social tools, which not only empower readers but also help them to become writers themselves.

The new blog platform has a Word Press feel to it, although users are only allowed to choose between five template skins thus far. There even seems to be a hint at paying bloggers for story submissions (at the bottom of their FAQ’s page) although the rate per post is unclear (they may want to clarify this).

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Note: Martin Neumann has done a more in depth review of Instablogs which can be found over here.

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  • Thanks Darnell for the review. Yes, we’re moving fast and from, as Martin said, loosely knit “network of individual blogsâ€? into a truly unified “blog networkâ€?. However, it’s just a beginning, there is more and more to come. Users will soon find more template skins to choose from.

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