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Blog Roll Surfing: Do Some Web Wandering

Blog Roll Surfing: Do Some Web Wandering

Here’s a simple activity that each time I engage in, afterwards I feel refreshed and rejuvenated for another week of blogging.

Whenever I’m stuck in a rut, an activity I enjoy for a “reboot” is a brisk walk or short hike away from civilization. There’s something refreshing about wandering in unfamiliar territory, the change of scenery, and enjoying the change of perspective.

“Blog Roll Surfing” is the blogosphere equivalent:

  1. Visit a blog.
  2. Find their blog roll – most blogs have one.
  3. Identify an unfamiliar blog, or just click on one at random.
  4. Read some of the posts on that blog (by all means, leave a comment or two).
  5. Find that blog’s blog roll.
  6. Repeat steps three through five until you’ve had your fill.

I did this recently and within fifteen minutes, I was exploring an entire blogging niche (financial advice and positive self-help) that I’d never read before.

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Why I think this is so much fun:

  • I was inspired by reading new blogs, where dedicated bloggers are writing in the same manner as I have for quite some time now. There are so many out there!
  • Because the blogs were unfamiliar to me, much of the content was fresh and therefore interesting.
  • It’s always a good feeling to learn new things.
  • It doesn’t take much time.

So are you spending too much time, head-down in your RSS reader, reading the same blogs day after day? I suggest taking a quick stroll through the blogosphere. The trail head is your own blog roll. Make use of it!

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  • I don’t have the time to do this as I am involved in some other activities, but I bet it’s a great initiative. But, I wouldn’t want to bump into some unknown topic blog, or some ad filled blog.

    But I will take your word and try doing this on some of my SEO bloggers in the blogroll. Not necessarily learn NEW things, but further develop my OLD ones. :)

  • Thanks, Jason. It’s great to see that others enagage in this “blogging practice.” This is something I do constantly, and I too am very busy. Blogging is more than just a hobby I do, so I take the time to fully engage.

    Also belonging to blogging communities allows you access to fresh blogs, blogs that might have never been on your radar.

    Thanks again for the reminder.

  • I do it all the time. I seem to have stumbled into the world of science blogs, which I love, and now I’ve become addicted to med blogs as well. My blog roll is very odd for a mum blogger. But I keep my blog roll on a separate page, links categorised and with a short description. Is that better or worse when you’re surfing? Sometimes the surprise is nice too…

  • Where on your blog is your “blog roll”? Thanks…I’m new to this and don’t even know what a blog roll is…

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