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Blogger Beta Becomes Beta No More

Blogger Beta Becomes Beta No More

Google, known for keeping projects in beta longer than most parents keep kids in diapers, has released their new version of Blogger (aka Blog*Spot) to the internet world.

(Blogger Buzz) am overjoyed to announce that today we have o’ficially [sic] graduated the new version of Blogger from “in beta” to “.” […]

The new version of Blogger is metaphorically bursting with features, from the big guns like drag-and-drop template editing and post labels […] to little polishes like a better-designed Dashboard or that you no longer need to solve a word verification CAPTCHA to post a comment on your own blog.

This has probably been the shortest beta project on Google’s shelves, lasting only four months (as they originally launched the beta version in August). For those still stuck on the old system of blogger, you may have to wait your turn in order to “transition over” as Google seems to be only a fixed population to migrate to the new Blogger.

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But with Google finally upgrading their hosted blog service, will this mean the end for hosted weblogs on sites such as Word Press, Six Apart’s Live Journal and the ever friendly Xanga?

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  • Why would it mean the end? Is Robert Scoble going to ditch his blog in favor of Blogger? Nah! People have time and effort, not to mention a lot of content invested in those other services. I don’t see them jumping ship to use one that’s just now catching up with the pack.

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