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Blogger Insults John Edwards, And Gets Himself Fired?

Blogger Insults John Edwards, And Gets Himself Fired?

Its not everyday that you hear about a conservative blogger on a conservative blog being fired for his conservative views. No, this did not happen on Saturday Night Live, but rather on where a blogger was let go for insulting presidential candidate John Edwards regarding his wife.

(Business Week) A self-styled bad boy blogger was dumped from a political Web site in South Carolina for posting disparaging comments about John Edwards’ decision to stay in the presidential race following the revelation that his wife has incurable bone cancer. […]

Folks’ post on his Web site said Edwards was “selfishly continuing his quest” for the presidency and the headline called the former North Carolina senator insensitive.

It seems as if William Folks had a bone to pick with the Edwards campaign, although that probably was not the brightest way to go about this. Folks seems unrepentant by his post, saying he would rather “deal with those consequences than sugar coat something for people.”

Folks was fired mainly because he was the part owner of the site, and his voice made the blog appear to be a bit heartless regarding John Edwards wife’s condition in her fight against cancer.

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Although some people may whine about bloggers lacking freedom of speech, the truth is that everyone is free to speak their mind–so long as they are willing to face the consequences of their expression (whether good or bad).

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