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Bloglines suffers a database crash

Bloglines suffers a database crash

Bloglines has suffered a “database” crash (5:47am GMT) according to the Bloglines plumber who’s made a new appearance over at Bloglines with the following message:
“Hi, I’m the Bloglines Plumber. We’ve had a database crash, and we hope to be right back. Bloglines will be all better when I’m done with it.Thanks,The Bloglines Plumber”

At least they are being honest, but I wonder what causes a database crash?

Update: strangely so has Blogdex.

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Further update: back again at 7:12am GMT. I can start breathing again :-)

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  • A database can crash because of overload, because a disk physically starts to die, because of hacking, because of overheating, because of bad configuration, because it runs out of resources, etc. There are a LOT of good reasons ;)

  • I use both and while Newsgator is much quicker than Bloglines, it’s more restricted in what you can do. I prefer the functionality of Bloglines even if the plumber make a regular appearance. It’s 9am GMT as I write and Bloglines is working as well as it ever does.

  • I’m on the side of NewsGator – pretty happy that I’ve gone with them. Once again Bloglines is crashing (it’s been happening way too many times lately) – my view on it is they are suffering from their own success: it’s the old “tipping point” theory … they’re a great little business with a cool idea but then it takes off and goes through the roof and then comes the scaling issues – it’s easy to serve 10,000 users but add a couple of zeros onto it and watch out.

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