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BlogMedia Announces the Launch of its Blog Network

BlogMedia Announces the Launch of its Blog Network

BlogMedia, Inc., has announced the launch of its new network of weblogs. The BlogMedia & Erati Media network consists of several sites across a wide range of themes, including management, technology, celebrities, comedy, sports, and many others.

‘€œWe launched the BlogMedia & Erati Media blog network because we wanted to connect our experts and those interested in a topic to interact in a way that allowed their passion and energy to flourish,” said Matt Craven, Vice President of Online Services for BlogMedia, Inc. ‘€œWe’€™re looking forward to being a part of a conversation between our experts and their readers.’€?

The BlogMedia network consists of two distinct segments. BlogMedia focuses on topics ranging from celebrity gossip, to television shows and discussions about the current state of sports.

The Erati Media division is headed by David Krug, aka Liberal Cowboy, best known for his role at Fine Fools Site Jack of All Blogs.

‘€œErati Media is a community of creators,’€? said David Krug, Community Director for Erati Media, ‘€œIt’€™s a unique forum for talented, often overlooked, writers to leave a mark on mainstream media.’€?

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‘€œWe are not about to create another blog network for the sake of creating a blog network,’€? states Krug, ‘€œThis is about fostering the talent behind quality content, and providing opportunities for success.’€?

“We believe that by giving talented individuals a unified forum for expressing themselves, we can fully harness the unbridled potential of this new media,” states Craven. “In doing so, we feel that we can raise the quality standard for content while ushering in a new age of information exchange. As we grow, we will champion the highest quality content and combine it with our passion for connecting with our audience, and this will help us to lead the way into this new informational frontier.”

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  • I must give it to him, this Cowboy guy is one hell of a smart ass. He got an extreme amount of publicity during his short stay at Fine Fools running the Jack of All Blogs to step out of it after a short while to start reinventing the wheel with Erati. Without getting this chance with JOAB phase no one on earth would have heard of this guy.

    The quote is kinda funny. “We are not about to create another blog network for the sake of creating a blog network”, immediately followed by all standard lines that form the ‘mission statement’ of most weblog networks.


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