Breaking News: Is this the end of 9rules?

I’m doing my nightly rss feed trawling to catch up on items before the weekend. One post refers to something at 9rules. So I head on over and guess what … there is no 9rules.

“Notice: This domain name expired on 09/03/06 and is pending renewal or deletion”

Yep. Their domain name appears to have recently expired and is now being parked by GoDaddy. Ohh, that’s gotta be embarrassing.

Check out this screenshot of what happens when I try to get to – 9rules screenshot.

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Quick thought: if they forget to re-register their name that would not be a bad domain to pick up: a pagerank of 7 and an Alexa ranking of 7,474. :-)

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  • That’s what happens when you register a domain for 3 years and then forget to update the contact email to let you know when it might expire. All is fixed now. 9rules ain’t going anywhere and if it was it sure as hell wouldn’t go out with a fucking domain expiration.

  • Jamsi – it’s definately down and parked – ouch. That definately hurts a big blog network’s image, for sure! I hope they get it squared away very soon.

  • Scrivs – it was a light-hearted moment in an otherwise rough week. I laughed that something so simple could happen to even the big guys – forgetting to re-register a domain – shit, that’s something like a schmuck like I would do. :-)

    Don’t you guys use Outlook’s task feature. I do and it has saved me many times over. How’s about buying the domain for 10 years?

    At least we know you’re human. Should have a laugh over it.

    Jamsi – loads fine for me know – it didn’t 15 minutes ago – check the screenshot.

    Leroy – ouch, but not really in a big way. Just shows they’re human and it got a bit of a laugh. Anyhow, GoDaddy is a quick service, so once they figured their faux pau a quick $9 payment got them up and running again ;-)

  • I shouldn’t laugh, although I did when when it happened to me after a decent mourning period … so I’m laughing now.

    With my situation, my REAL business (non-blog) URL and domain expired on the 15th of January 2006. I didn’t know until a client phoned me early February asking me if I got his fax (I have a toll-free fax line routed to an email on this domain). All my domains renew in the summer, except for this one. I was huffing and puffing to my service provider for taking down my site and blocking my email .. who the heck do they think they were? Geeeesh.. I was blue in the face shouting at them .. until I found out it was my fault for not renewing sooner .. then I was red in the face. I’m glad nobody thought to scoop it out of my hands for themselves. I’d have to change all my letterhead and invoices.

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