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Chartreuse, the New York Times, and Broadcast TV

Chartreuse, the New York Times, and Broadcast TV

One of my personal favorite bloggers, Chartreuse (Beta), made The New York Times this week for his post about the death of broadcast media.

The New York times writes:

Mr. Campbell wields superlatives in a particularly bloggish manner at “Broadcast television is dead,” he declares. “Just like the Internet killed the music industry, it’s about to do the same thing to broadcast TV.”

Never mind that “American Idol” draws about 30 million viewers, that MSNBC is a cable, not a broadcast, network, and that, while the music business may be wounded, it is far from dead. Still, despite the bluster, Mr. Campbell’s underlying point is true enough.

A staff of two produces “How many people do you think it takes to produce ‘The Abrams Report’ on MSNBC?” Mr. Campbell asks.

Good question.

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I’m not saying broadcast television is dead. I get a ton of entertainment out of Battlestar Galactica, The West Wing, The Sopranos, and others. But I do think that broadcast news is dead.

I get more entertaining and engaging news, opinion, and thought from the 780+ feeds that I skim each day than anything I get from watching television or other news.

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