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Clear Skies Ahead – The Shift to Cloud Computing

Clear Skies Ahead – The Shift to Cloud Computing

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Editor’s note: This article was written by Christian Abbas, one of the team at Columbus UK, a provider of business telephone systems, mobiles, networking and IT solutions. He enjoys writing about technology, IT and content marketing.

Talk of the imminence of widespread cloud computing was ongoing for several years. As some services took their first steps in this direction, it became clear that the rise of cloud computing was inevitable. Accessing software in this manner provides a plethora of benefits over more dated methods, and the drawback are almost irrelevant.

Services have been making the transition to cloud computing across the board. In today’s fiercely competitive digital world, businesses must stay ahead of the game and a failure to move processes to the cloud will have inevitably negative consequences.

How the cloud improves services

Running a software service through the cloud provides numerous operational benefits. The most obvious is the ability for users to access their software and files from any internet-enabled device. No longer are we limited to using our software on a single computer. Now, we can log in through a smartphone, tablet, or whatever other device it is convenient to do so with.

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Another advantage of cloud-based services is that software updates take place automatically and on an ongoing basis. This means that the product is constantly being refined and improved, providing users with the best possible performance.

Let’s look at some examples of major services which have evolved with the growth of cloud computing in recent years.

Microsoft Office

The Office series has been the leading suite of office tools available since the early days of computing. For many years, their products have dominated the market. The biggest change, however, took place with the most recent version of the suite. This is when they introduced Office 365, incorporating a cloud-based solution which allows users access to their files and software from anywhere via an internet connection.

Now, users can log into their software and files from anywhere in the world. This is a major improvement on previous versions, which would have required a user to access their software from one single registered device.

Digital Marketing Tools

Another area which has shown an obvious shift from downloadable services to cloud-based solutions is digital marketing tools. There are now countless tools available to digital marketers, such as social media management and email marketing software, the majority of which can be accessed with a simple login via an internet browser.

Take Hootsuite, for example, one of the leading social media management platforms. This advanced software allows team users to collaborate on a single platform from anywhere in the world, providing obvious advantages. There’s no need to download any software; users can simply launch the web app and sign in.

What has caused the shift?

Numerous factors have contributed to this evolution towards cloud computing. The main driving force relates to data: the speed and cost at which it can be transferred.

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Today’s ultra-fast internet speeds make it possible for users to access cloud-based software and files via web apps without suffering any lagging or delays. Data transfer has reached such a speed that cloud users can work with a minimal loss of efficiency, if any. While internet speeds have continued to surge, the cost of sending a unit of data continues to decline, making it more affordable to download and upload cloud data on a constant basis.

Another trend which has contributed to the rise of cloud computing is the increase in remote working, or maybe it works the other way round? More people are working remotely than ever before, and cloud-based services make it simple for teams to link up and collaborate via a single web-based platform.

Cloud computing is here to stay

Looking at how much cloud computing improves our efficiency in the workplace and other areas of life, there is no question that it’s here to stay. Downloadable versions of software will continue to decline in prominence, and before long, almost all software will be operated from the cloud.



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