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Creative Weblogging launches Creative Reporter Network

Creative Weblogging launches Creative Reporter Network

The Creative Weblogging Network has launched the ‘Creative Reporter Network‘ and is offering to pay bloggers for submitting high-value content.

With this extension to the Creative Weblogging network, every reader can now become an active contributor to one of the Internet’s fastest-growing blog networks.

‘Creative Reporters’ can submit text, audio and video content which then appear online after review and approval by the Creative Weblogging team. Bloggers will be able to track their articles’ readership and receive notifications when readers post comments.

Bloggers earn US$10 for each 1,000 page views in the Creative Weblogging system when they get published.

“We have underwritten the concept of Collaborative Journalism with already 45+ bloggers around the world working with us,” says Torsten Jacobi, CEO of Creative Weblogging “Now each citizen on this planet can become a reporter and work with us.”

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(editors note: got to admit, this is a bold move, I hope that they’re earning $10 per 1000 page views in advertising otherwise this is going to be very expensive. Certainly for bloggers looking for a quid I’d think it would be pretty easy money)

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