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Does Your Company MeasuredUp?

Does Your Company MeasuredUp?

In a world where most businesses are influenced by cash rather than their customers, one person has decided to fight back by forming a site where consumers can vent their frustrations, or give praise where praise is due.

MeasuredUp, a website that is a cross between a basic social network and PayPerPost done right, allows members to rate and review businesses in their local area or online. Users can also post testimonials of their encounters of the company in question, which may not make many corporate marketing departments very happy.

(PR Newswire) “Everyone knows that the holiday season brings with it a whole host of
stresses,” said Marc Karasu,’s founder. “Experiencing bad
customer service as you rushed to finish all of your holiday shopping last
month certainly didn’t help matters. But with consumers have
the final word, giving meaning back to the phrase ‘the customer is always
right’.” […]

Through the site, users can rate businesses or services
on a 5-point scale, and then add a review detailing the reasons for their
ranking. This review can include anything from great sales on holiday gifts
and post-holiday sales to reviews on customer service when returning those
unwanted gifts.

Unlike PayPerPost, users are not paid to “spin a certain way,” allowing members to post honest (or rather blunt) reviews about certain products, and even customer support. People have already written reviews for companies like Cingular, Sprint and Dish Network, with the latter having a positive review (a gem in this vent fest site).

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Although they currently lack the numbers of most large social networks like MySpace, MeasuredUp could potentially become an eyesore for major companies, perhaps reminding them to always put the customer first.

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  • Users aren’t paid to write positive things… because users aren’t paid. At least not according to anything I could find on their site.

    How does MeasuredUp differ from, say, which has been doing this same thing for years…?

  • I think that there are a number of sites that provide an equivalent service. I think the key to improving customer service is not by chastising companies but rather by empowering consumers to push their claims by means of hard facts and evidence. At the moment companies have a monopoly on consumers service because consumers have no means by which to press their demands. However, I have recently founds a new service that offers the such means, the service is called 321-CALL-LOG. These guys have truly created an innovative service which has the potential to make meaningful difference.

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