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Ecommerce web design – understanding what it takes

Ecommerce web design – understanding what it takes




There are different elements involved in the creation and development of anything that you wish to present to a target audience and ecommerce web design is no exception. Understanding them holistically as well as in some detail will help you provide inputs to your web designer. Should you want to do it yourself, this knowledge will be pretty handy to have.

Let us look at some of the main elements.

Brief overview

If you are selling products of varied types and at various price points, it would be a good idea to present the visitor a quick brief overview of what he or she can expect to find in your site. This definition of the products you are about to showcase is a good starting point and very similar to the index page of a book. Ensure you lay down your thoughts clearly for this so that you do not miss out on any aspect.

Categorisation of the products

This is another important element in ecommerce web design as it quickly leads the visitor to the products of interest. This becomes more crucial when you have many products or services. You want to make the navigation of your site a pleasant and easy one for your visitors so that they not only spend more time at the site but also send out positive referrals. Doing this will also lead to faster decision making and better conversions, which is a very good thing.

Broad layout of the site

Navigation is further improved by the addition and inclusion of appropriate hover links, headers and text content that is not too verbose or long. That will make it easy for the visitor to view products on the single web page at one glance without having to keep moving the cursor. Headers are typically images and texts. Banners that are synergistic with the products showcased will complement what you want the visitor to see wonderfully.

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This is the heart of the site. Depending on how you can present content that is not only fresh but also updated regularly will determine repeat visits to your site and also the attention you want from major search engines. Well drafted text, interesting images, captivating videos and generally informative content about the products and services showcased will get you loyal visitors. You also need to make it easy for people visiting your site to be able to interact with you. That is useful not only from the point of view of connecting better with them but also from the perspective of getting fresh ideas that you can implement down the line. Good content also reflects the professionalism of the web master and creates a favourable impression among visitors that this site can be trusted to do business with.

Payment gateway and security

E commerce web design has to incorporate the best and most robust payment gateway systems for easy check out. Buyers should also feel secure about the confidentiality of sensitive payment related information they are providing.

The above are just a few of the aspects you need to keep in view with regard to e commerce web design. For more information you can visit an ecommerce web design agency like BT Websites who can offer you free and impartial advice about how to get setup online.

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