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Feedster 500

Feedster 500

I’m not sure whether this is one of the sites Jason Calacanis has been referring to of late, but Feedster now has a Top 500 blogs list available here. Weblogs Inc. does very well out of it to I’d note.

The Blog Herald comes in at 157, which as I pointed out in an email to the editor of the Weblog Empire political blog Donklephant Justin (who also provided me the tip) it means I’m slipping….got to work harder in writing more original and thought provoking content and not just short, self indulgent posts like this one :-)

Update: should have checked my Bloglines subs first: Jason Calacanis’ post here on the subject at the $50k heading Feedsters way unless someone comes up with a better list.

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More update: Feedster media release here. Apparently they are only tracking US blogs according to the release, which is interesting given I can find atleast one blog from Singapore, one from China and a couple of blogs out of the UK, Canada and Australia.

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  • At least we now have a second list!

    When we have five lists like this we will really start to understand the number of links people really have and the impact of those links.

    I’m just happy that we can now see 101 to 500….. and that we have another look at the world.

    Competition is going to be great for Feedster/Technorati/PubSub/Icerocket… if only Google and Yahoo would join the party!

    best j

  • I’d have to agree with Jason, the more the merrier. Then we can make a meta list of blog lists. That would be interesting.

    I’m amazed that my Online Marketing Blog is in the top 200 but happy to see it as well.

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