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Feel Like a Change? Why Not Try the Life of an Expat-preneur?

Feel Like a Change? Why Not Try the Life of an Expat-preneur?

I dislike buzzwords as much as the next person (maybe a bit more), but when I heard the word “expat-preneur”, I have to admit that my curiosity was aroused.

Perhaps it’s because of the association I made with moving around from country to country while working. Much like the million-dollar blogger (now, if only I could emulate his success…).

So, what’s this expat-preneur all about?

Based on the context, you’ve probably gotten the idea that it’s a person living in another country other than his own and making a living as an entrepreneur. Coined by author Dr. Yvonne McNulty, the term expat-preneur indeed refers to an individual who’s got the guts (or the crazies) to uproot himself and spot (or make) business opportunities in other parts of the world.

But why would anyone do that when it’s difficult enough to be a successful entrepreneur at home?

You might be surprised…

A huge reason is that many expat-preneurs choose countries which have a lower cost of living than their home country. Obviously, in this setting, they can find more comfortable lifestyles, and their currency will have higher purchasing power. Additionally, setting themselves up in emerging markets presents massive business opportunities.

As an online professional, you have an edge over 9 to 5-ers. The chances are that it’ll be easier for you to pack up and uproot yourself to discover whether you are cut out to be an expat-preneur. Even if you fail, you can try again – there is no lack of emerging markets, and your experience online – your blogging business, etc. – will help greatly in bringing something to the table.

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Want to learn a bit more about this potential opportunity? Here’s a graphic to look at.

expat-preneur infographic

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