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Flash Bloggers: new trend or nuisance?

Flash Bloggers: new trend or nuisance?

The Blog Herald has been targeted today by a group of Flash Bloggers posting the message “News Flash! You’re the third, YabbaDabbaDooo, this flash is for you! Woooohooo! (goo-goo-kachoo!)” on the recent Blog Herald link to a flash mob gathering in Melbourne.

The Flash Bloggers organise through a site at Yahoo! Groups and according to their site “visit random blogs upon email announcement and place comments in those blogs, click on links, leave messages, and have fun!”. The Blog Herald seems to be the third target of the site, following flash blogs on Joho the Blog and

Flash mobbing has gained world wide attention with its bizarre gatherings world wide, but whether Flash Blogging is a natural, and healthy extension to this trend, is yet to be seen. Whether there is art or creativity in posting odd messages on blogs is open to question, but no doubt many will see this more as a nuisance than political or artistic statement. The Blog Herald will watch with interest.

The full text of the first Flash Blogger mailout:

From, for the premier Flash Mob – Blogging Style – We’re going to form a
Flash Blog Train!

Please Immediately Follow These Instructions to Make Flash Blogging Work.

1) Go to Joho the Blog at
2) Under the “Dean on TV” blog Click “Comments”
3) Enter the Following

Name: Ray Stantz
Email: ray@f…
Comments: Hey Joho, consider yourself the First Flash. Bathe in your
jellies and feel the smoothness of the flash.

4) Submit your Comment

5) Once this comment is finished, go to

Name: Guardian of Justice
Email: guardian@f…
Comments: Smart Mobs get Flashed Once in a While, You are the Second
to Feel the Power of Flash

6) Go to

See Also
i don't know what to do purpose

Name: Harold Horace
Email: HHHorse@f…
Comments: News Flash! You’re the third, YabbaDabbaDooo, this flash is
for you! Woooohooo!

Ok, we’re done!

This is the first Flash Blog Mob. Afterwards, we’ll give it some time
to stir and then hit again, unsuspected, each time leading to some
URLs which we agree helps a cause for the good.

Cheers and hope you have fun,

Mr. Flash

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