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Four of the Toughest Laptops You Can Buy

Four of the Toughest Laptops You Can Buy


Tough laptops are really just built for one reason – to withstand rougher environments that are not meant for most consumer electronics. This means they are built to take extremes of heat, cold, wind, shock and even that great killer of most electronic devices, water.

Now if you’re looking for a laptop that will go anywhere you want to go and take the thrills and spills of travel into exotic locations, or withstand the environment of a working jobsite, here are four top laptops that are built to take whatever the world will dish out.


The GETAC B300 is simply heads and shoulders the toughest laptop available for the consumer marketplace and the reason for this is that it’s built to U.S. Military specifications and requirements. Each laptop is tested to meet or exceed the testing protocol benchmarks. The laptop is built like a Sherman tank. You can toss this in your luggage toss your luggage out of the plane and rest easy. Super bright screen that is visible in shade and sunlight, every single expansion port known to mankind, two battery bays for up to ten hours of use without an recharge and a full magnesium alloy case. It’s tough and it does the job. The cons are that it’s expensive and heavy. At the base price of $3300 before optional upgrades you might want to make sure the benchmarks are must have before committing to this machine.

GammaTech S15C2

GammaTech machines are built tough. They aren’t built to tote into battle like the GETAC laptops but are ideally suited for everyday life outdoor jobs. Since most of us aren’t heading to a war zone with the latest teach gear under our arms, the GammaTech series will do the job for people like us. The laptops are heat, cold , wind and water resistant, have great outdoor resolution and do the job while being a bit lighter and lighter on the pocket that the GETAC series. The average GammaTech starts in the $2K range before upgrades. The Magnesium alloy case is 20 times stronger than usual laptop plastic in fact it can survive 26 consecutive 3 foot drops and still keep going. Although, if you drop your laptop 26 times in a row you might just have a bigger problem than laptop durability.

Panasonic Toughbook

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The Panasonic Toughbook is so rigorously tested that they annually break in excess of one thousand Toughbooks while testing these digital survivors. According to the Panasonic website “the same unit was used for the 26 drops at 4 feet, then the same unit was dropped again 26 times from a height of 5 feet, and then the same exact unit was dropped 26 times from a height of 6 feet. So one unit survived 78 drops between heights of 4 to 6 feet.” That’s one tough notebook. The units have pretty much the same other tech specs for a tough mobile system, as far as heat, cold and water are concerned, come in at about the same $2K price point and can keep chugging for 8 hours on a single charge.

Dell E6420 XFR

With a name like E6420 XFR you had better be tough. This Dell laptop looks the part and is the part. It sports a high impact resistant PR-72 ultra-polymer in the chassis which means you can repeatedly drop it from 6 feet, if you are so inclined. It also has rubber bumpers and nifty slots that close over your ports to keep them protected. Dell clearly takes tough seriously and has pulled out all the stops to create a machine that is military grade and rivals the GETAC series in toughness and price. The laptop will cost you a whopping $3300 before adding extras.

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