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Getting back on the blogging horse

Getting back on the blogging horse

Duncan Riley> I’ve been conspicuous by my absense for the last couple of days, my apologies to everyone. They say it never rains it poors, and I feel like sometimes its hailstones :-)

Some good news though: The Blog Herald is finally moving to a more reliable server (well I think its more reliable…Jeremy??). Ive got a pile of emails to catch up with, including the nightmare that has become my webhosting arrangements at the moment with time outs on sites like These are to be fixed in the next 24 hours.

100 blogs in 100 days will return shortly, as will some great new design advice for Christmas. The b5media blogs are going to get some design template loving as well.

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What do they say: fall off a horse then get back on? metaphors never were my strong point! We’ve got some exciting stuff happening as well so stay tuned!

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