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Gmail gets interface update (still beta though)

Gmail gets interface update (still beta though)

There have been some minor tweaks to the Gmail interface just recently. They weren’€™t there when I logged off nine hours ago, and now they are, so I guess they’€™re pretty new.

The only change I can find is the Reply links at the bottom of a conversation, as well as the additions of the same, with a layer dropdown, to the right of each e-mails top.

Pretty picture below if you’re a non-user:

Gmail GUI update

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First I hated them (no, I didn’€™t, but it has more effect), and now I think they’€™re OK. Not all that pretty though, but functional which is nice. What do you think?

Just a quick note: These changes might not have been rolled out in your language yet. That’€™s why I always have Gmail set to English (US) ‘€“ you get to see the new stuff before your fellow countrymen. Unless you live in America of course’€¦

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