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Google Assimilation Complete: FeedBurner Accounts To Merge With Google Accounts

Google Assimilation Complete: FeedBurner Accounts To Merge With Google Accounts

Often seen as the chief feed service online, FeedBurner has apparently finished moving all of their data upon Google’s servers.

So what does that mean for bloggers? It means that your “handy dandy” FeedBurner account will now be able to meld with the “Google collective.”

(FeedBurner Blog) In the coming weeks, upon visiting, selected publishers will have the opportunity to sign in using their Google Account and experience FeedBurner, now as part of the Google.

If you are among these merry few who migrate early you won’t see many changes at first. In fact, you might find yourself saying, “my, it’s awfully quiet in here. Almost…too quiet.” (But it may look a bit Googlier around the edges.) Your feeds should continue to hum along as they did before, and all of your settings will be yours to manage through your new or existing Google account. This is the same shiny Google account you use to sign into other services at Google.

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After previously being acquired by Google, FeedBurner has been slowly partnering with Google’s other products, such as Google Adsense as well as Blogger (aka BlogSpot).

It will be interesting to see whether or not users will have the option of maintaining their FeedBurner accounts apart from Google’s system. Either way, FeedBurner’s integration with Google will hopefully mean more features down the road, as many bloggers have been dying to sign up with their FAN Network.

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  • With Feedburner now part of Google, Google should have an easier time detecting scraped Feedburner feeds and penalizing scrapers in SERPs.

  • Interesting. Convenient, but interesting.

    I’m waiting for the time Google buys eBay and starts integrating that affiliate program with Adsense…. :-/


  • What about experimental feeds? I “burn” the feed results of my Yahoo Pipes, in order to plugin the feed into another web service (such as I’m really hoping they don’t view that as scraping, especially since I’m setting up popurls-like research sites.

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