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Google Expands YouTube Video Ads To Canada, Ireland And The UK

Google Expands YouTube Video Ads To Canada, Ireland And The UK

After previously launching the YouTube ads within the US, Google has decided to allow users from other nations to test drive the ads upon their own web pages.

AdSense lovers from the United Kingdom, Canada and Ireland will be able to embed these video units so long as they follow Google’s guidelines–as well as “speak” English.

(Inside Adense) Following their success in the U.S., we’re rolling out video units over the next several days to English-language publishers in the UK, Ireland, and Canada. If you’re not already familiar with video units, they’re embedded, customizable video players that can enrich your site with relevant video content while enabling you to earn extra revenue from the relevant, non-intrusive ads that accompany the videos.

With this new launch, publishers in the UK, Ireland and Canada will be able to show videos from our YouTube content partners and choose those videos by category, individual YouTube partner, or have video automatically targeted to their site. Based on publisher feedback, we’ve also just added a feature which lets you choose individual videos to be displayed in your video units.

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By opening up the ability to choose which video’s are displayed, publishers will be able to show more relevant video’s than what is limited in Google’s current arsenal. Unfortunately one may need to play around with the code in order to activate this feature, although Google is working on an easier solution for non-geeks.

It will be interesting to see how this affects their various competitors, especially Viddler, although thus far Google has yet to demonstrate its dominance in the “video monetization” market.

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