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Google Relents: Blogspot Users Regain “Other URL” Feature On Blogger

Google Relents: Blogspot Users Regain “Other URL” Feature On Blogger

It looks like after a bit of “yelling and fussing,” Google has restored the “other url” feature within Blogger’s commenting system.

After previously rolling out OpenID, many users were upset after Blogger removed the ability for unregistered users to link ones commenting name with their domain link.

Google has restored this feature within blogger powered blogs, and posted an apology on the Blogger Buzz.

(Blogger Buzz) Two fixes just went live, before we sign off for a brief holiday break:

  • Unregistered commenters can once again provide an auto-linked URL [Help Group Thread]
  • Images in the Header page element will no longer be cropped vertically [Help Group thread]

We apologize for having broken these features for you. Your blogs and Help Group posts showed us the true extent to which you used and cared about these features, so please let us know if they’re still being problematic.

While the corporate Google blogs still require commentors to register with either Google or OpenID (if they allow comments at all), Blogger users can now celebrate, knowing that their comment section is once again open to outside readers.

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Blogger has come a long way since its rebirth.

After launching a many features ranging from direct video uploading to free hosting on personal domains, Blogger is quickly positioning itself as one of the major players when it comes to allowing users to channel their thoughts into cyberspace.

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  • A large migration of blogspot users to and to self hosted WordPress might have helped sway their decision to put back the “Other identity.”

  • They disabled the feature in an effort to force people to sign up for OpenId. They forgot though that the web, especially the blogosphere is a dimension where users are very powerful and that democracy rules.

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