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Hey Egypt, Let Our Bloggers Go! (Abdel Nabil)

Hey Egypt, Let Our Bloggers Go! (Abdel Nabil)

In a land known for pyramids and sands, your honest opinion is welcome so long as it conforms to the governments views. Apparently Abdel Kareem Nabil decided against conforming to the norm and decided to express his views of the government on everybody’s favorite platform–a blog.

(Jerusalem Post) An Egyptian blogger went on trial Thursday on charges of insulting Islam and inciting sectarian strife for his Internet writing criticizing Muslim authorities and the Egyptian government, his lawyer and court officials said.

It was the first trial of a blogger in Egypt, where a string of anti-government bloggers have been arrested the past year, drawing condemnation from human rights groups. […]

Nabil, who uses the name Kareem Amer on his blog, frequently denounces the government of President Hosni Mubarak on his blog and is often deeply critical of Egypt’s Islamic authorities, particularly Al-Azhar, one of the Sunni Muslim world’s top religious institutions. Nabil, a resident of Alexandria, was former a law student at Al-Azhar University.

Nabil (or Kareem) is no stranger to facing the wrath of Egyptian authorities, as he was previously harassed for condemning the riots by his fellow Muslims against Christians (as he views those actions of being un-Islamic). Ironically this has enraged some government officials who are now accusing him of various crimes against the state.

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If convicted Nabil may face up to nine years in prison according to the Free Kareem site, which has highlighted photo’s of Nabil current state in a previous post.

Note: Bloggers wishing to express their feelings regarding this matter can contact the Egyptian Embassy at 202.895.5400 (fax: 202.244.4319 or 202.244.5131).

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  • I`m really shocked of what happened..but what I want to say that..Islam is not against freedom, but which freedom?!!
    the freedom that insult Islam?! or that who makes jokes of our prophet!
    and how could you link to 1-side view websites?!
    -Israelian`s journal and a hater of Islam that says in his blog

    Please don’t think I’m a hater, I just want Peace on earth, and obliterating Islam is the only way to do it.


    I read in that journal a comment which says:

    What if a blogger criticises Islam but praises the president? I suspect he would not be on trial.

    Which is true!
    Does anybody think that Egyptian government respect islam nor muslims?!!

    this guy(Abdul Kareem) did his biggest mistake…but when?!
    when he insult islam?! NO! when he expressed his thoughts about the egyptian government..which is (somehow illegal) in all arabs countries(unfortunately!).
    Egyptian government don’t care about Islam which is a fact!

    I`m against the Egyptian government and if this is why they arrested him..then this is wrong-which is the case here!-

    but i`m also against him since he hates Islam and writes LAYS about it! and I`m wondering how could someone like him be in islamic university!

    One last thing about your unfair writing and twisting the truth when you said:

    as he views those actions of being un-Islamic

    How could you say that in time he BELIEVES that these -un-islamic and barbaric- actions are representing Islam and Islam profess these actions in his blog!!
    Honestly you are a shame on THE BLOG HERALD , Darnell Clayton!

    Next time you want to write such a critical article please write the truth and write ALL point views!

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