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Hold The Presses! A MySpace Magazine?

Hold The Presses! A MySpace Magazine?

It seems as if the social network king may consider putting some of its content offline inside a magazine. I think it would be easier to simply set up a corporate weblog, but perhaps this is for people scared of computers those who have decided to live outside of cyberspace.

( “We are in the process of modelling it,” a MySpace executive close to the discussions told Advertising Age. “Our main concern is the MySpace brand. We do not want to do anything that would hurt the brand.”

MySpace will feature prominent profiles and is partnering up with Nylon to produce the magazine. The quality probably will not match the NY Times, although it should be ten times more interesting.

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  • The crazy thing about this Myspace Magazine thing is that myspace got this ideal from me by looking at my page why can’t companies like this work with people who really come up with ideal and not be a thief, I started this process last year and posted a page on myspace this year in March under the name then I see this write up on myspace is in talks about publishing a magazine I have already begun the process on my magazine which is called “Inside Myspace Magazine” which has nothing to do with myspace the website I really think they are ripoff artist they look at peoples pages and get ideals on what they can come up with next I have sent them letters about what I’m doing and have not gotten any reply I have sent paperwork into the trademark office to trademark the name Inside Myspace Magazine So good luck and my the best man win.

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