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How Are You Celebrating Martin Luther King Day?

How Are You Celebrating Martin Luther King Day?

Bloggers, Webloggers, Web 2.0 users (or whatever you call them) are celebrating the life of one man who has impacted the United States more than many of the nation’s leaders before and after his lifetime.

Martin Luther King, Jr. made a difference upon American society by advocating equality regardless of race and creed, and his “I have a dream speech” is already being linked to by a hundred plus bloggers, each posting how his speech is relevant to them today.

With bloggers making an impact in the world of technology, politics, business and policy, many of them can probably appreciate the strides that King (and others like Ghandi, etc.) made in order to help bring about equality in their society, freedoms we are now enjoying online.

Ironically while political bloggers argue whether or not King was liberal or conservative (note: does it really matter?), some bloggers take a humorous take on celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr. day.

(Blaton’s And Ashton’s) I will not rest until Martin Luther King Jr Day is as celebrated as other American holidays, and that means it has to have big sales going on. […]

Until we see a guy dressed up in a Martin Luther King Jr costume yelling about what fantastic bargains […] we will never have real equality in America.

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Joking aside, I want to wish all of the Blog Herald readers a happy Martin Luther King, Jr. day whether you are feasting with families, working in the office or blogging away in cyberspace. And don’t forget to keep the dream alive.

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  • I posted his acceptance speech for the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo, December 10, 1964.

    And I asked my readers to, “Smile on your brother, everybody get together, try to love one another, right now”.

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