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How to Create Logos for Specific Occasions

How to Create Logos for Specific Occasions

These days, it’s not only companies that have logos to represent their brand. Logos for personal use, as individuals and groups, add aesthetics and a distinctive personality to the users and the occasion. An appropriately stunning logo can make milestone events more memorable, special and unique, such as your wedding, your baby’s christening or first birthday, or a big promotion you want to celebrate with family and friends. You can use the logo on your invites, place cards, as a cake topper, your wedding website and in other decorations on site.

Players and teams in gaming can benefit a lot too from having a logo. Whether you’re a casual or hardcore gamer, or you belong to a clan or team, your logo lets you become easily identifiable when playing or joining competitions. You can make your own logo but do so with the help of a logo generator, since even custom logos must abide by the standards of logo-making.

Since couples getting married are the most likely to want a logo for their special day, here are tips on how to create a logo for weddings:

1. Consider how your names will be written – as initials or spelled full names, with a (&), a plus sign, a heart, or any symbol you like between names.

2. Choose your font. There are loads of free fonts that you can download in addition to the pre-installed ones on your computer. It can be old-style, calligraphic, handwriting style or block. You can also use all uppercase letter or all lowercase, or capitalize the first letter. Try them out with your names or initials to see how they look.

3. Your desired font should be reflective of your dispositions – fun and free-spirited, or more traditional and formal. This can be a challenge sometimes, due to personality differences. In any case, both of you should agree in your choice and pick the font that best represent you as a couple.

4. Pick your style and shape of initial or full name placement. Do you want initials that intertwine? Or, swirls or lines above, below or around letters? Stacked one on top of the other? Or, go with traditional side by side spelling?

5. Embellish your logo with ornaments and decors in your wedding color motif. Floral arrangements with elaborate flourishes on the names or symbols of hearts and arrows convey love and romance. Vintage-style embellishments signify stability and solidity.

6. Design your wedding logo with your color theme, using the different shades of hue in the color palette.

7. Finally, make your logo clean and readable to the viewer with regards to size, typography and color combinations.

Unless you are a graphic artist or designer, get help from an online logo maker to come up with a professional and custom logo design that won’t make you cringe when you look at it years later.

The exponential growth of the gaming industry and the billions of players worldwide present a challenge for individual gamers and teams to establish an identity and stand out in the battles. Having a custom logo coupled with amazing skills will elevate your status in the field, attracting sponsors and other gamers, and uniting your fans.

How do you design a logo for you as a player or for your clan or team, whichever you belong to? Start by checking out logos of the best or most popular (not necessarily the same) players or teams and study what they have in common. Note the most used colors, fonts and symbols. Then get your inspiration from them and create your own logo.

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As with weddings, there are guides for logo-making for specific industries, such as gaming. You can make your own from scratch or use a logo creator to help you.

Logo Creation Tips

1. Keep in mind that mobile gaming is on its way to surpassing console and PC gaming, in revenues and number of players. Your gaming logo should be small enough to fit the small screens of smartphones yet maintain its visibility and impact.

2. Flat designs in gaming logos have fewer details and are quicker to load on mobiles than designs with 3D effects and imagery. Monoweight and sans serif fonts with flat surfaces deliver better for this purpose. To break the monotony of flat designs and put more character, add long shadows.

3. Gamers and spectators are inclined to architectural structure, historical context and mythology, so get your inspiration from them too. A trend worth noticing is the use of acorns, nature’s symbol for potential. As Ralph Waldo Emerson said it, “The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn.”

4. Use simple typeface for a clean look and better spacing. Letter stacking in boxed frames creates balance and symmetry. The limitation for this design is, the number of letters in each word should be about equal if you are stacking them.

5. Motion lines for gaming logos are getting increasingly popular because they denote speed and

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