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How to Take Advantage of Offline Activities to Benefit Your Blog

How to Take Advantage of Offline Activities to Benefit Your Blog

It’s so easy to get drowned in the convenience of living online. While we always hear about the “dangers” of neglecting “real” life because of online activities, it still is easy to fall into the trap of not going outside and interacting virtually most of the time.

For bloggers and other online professionals, the case may even be worse. Marketing, analysing stats, commenting, looking for exposure, updating – the list of online activities goes on and on. But have you ever thought about going out in the real world and taking engaging in some offline activities – not only to enjoy yourself but also to benefit your blog?

Here are three simple offline activities that will make for a good break from the computer screen and send some love your blog’s way.

Say yes to business cards.

Okay, this may seem counter-intuitive. After all, we’re going the paperless route, yes? Then again, how many times have you been given business cards and you didn’t have any to give back? The last time you went to a shop, did you see a fishbowl asking people to leave their business cards? Yeah, I thought so.

People still do use business cards, and you just might get some exposure if you have some made for you (and your blog). It won’t hurt to take a look around and find a commercial online printing company that will take care of this for you for a low cost.

Attend events.


You don’t like crowds? Me neither. But, actually dressing up, looking like a human being, and going to seminars/talks does you good once in a while. Not only might you learn something new, you may also have the chance to build connections. You can even use the event as material for your blog!

Just go out.

It doesn’t have to be a blogging-centered event. Heck, just going out with friends to a bar or a coffee shop is something that will do you a world of good! Whether you set out to gain exposure for your online ventures or not, you will certainly benefit from a little fraternizing with others – the kind that does not require a screen and keyboard.

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Last note: Do remember to ignore that mobile phone, tablet, or laptop when you do leave your cave. You just might be surprised at the world that awaits!

Tom Chu Tom Chu is the SEO Manager at PsPrint, which is an online printing company specializing in brochure and poster printing As well as other similar services. Follow PsPrint on Twitter and Facebook to learn more.

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  • Business cards are definitely still very functional in business settings. Maybe not so much when you are just networking with people but when you are trying to get people to do something in particular then giving them something tangible goes a lot further than letting them just put your number or email in their phone.

  • Being separated from the outside world and its everyday routines may break the touch with society and its habits. Then we just tend to blog from our spacecraft heading to Mars…

  • I adore the “just go out” part of the article..hahaha, amazing. So true though. If you stop experiencing things and situations then, really soon, your writing will turn dull and remote from what is happening around.

  • What you describe here sound totaly reasonable to me. People tend to pay attention to people having interesting lives and I am not quite sure if there is sb that can have such a life when stuck inside his room walls. Interesting experiences make wonderful posts, as simple as that.

  • I pretty much enjoy this “back to the analog” movement, mainly because it is a deliberate act for regaining some basic contact with the real life. Thumbs up!

  • I think I understand exactly what you suggest. I am a programmer and eventhough I have the opportunity of working from my place, I prefer going to coffee chains in order to avoid alienation. The everyday interaction with real people and the rythms of life is essential not only for my blog but also for my psychology..thanks for the tips

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