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How to win friends and influence bloggers

How to win friends and influence bloggers

Steve Rubel writes of being criticized:

Over the weekend someone took a cheap shot at me, scored a lot of links and generated a lot of traffic to her blog on her very first post. Robert French summarizes the whole event here. The blog, which rhymes with Smurfette, is clearly going to dish out salty gossip and innuendo about the PR business, starting with me. The entire episode, which honestly I didn’t pay a lot of attention to, inspired me to revisit Carnegie’s classic. Carnegie’s tenets provide a solid reminder or two about how to take the high road in the blogosphere, which at time is a rough and tumble environment in a world filled with vile and meanness.

What follows is a summary of his ideas. My comments are in italics. Model these and you will go far in the blog world. I haven’t always followed this road, but it’s always been my intent to do so. Wouldn’t it be awesome if we all did?

One of my partners, and some of the readers, refer to this as snark. And perhaps it is. I’m certainly guilty of a few good cheap shots now and then – here and elsewhere.

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Steve makes some good points in his post about how to go about winning friends in the blogosphere and finding ways to influence others – something perhaps all of us should take a look at from time to time – including me….

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