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If You Were in Charge of the Social Networking Industry…

If You Were in Charge of the Social Networking Industry…

If you were in charge of the social networking industry, what social product or service would you offer?

has always been defined as “social” when it comes to creating an online presence and community, after all, a blog is all about community building, which differentiated it from a static HTML site.

I see many of today’s social networking services as accessories to your blog. No matter where you go around the web, you can always point to your blog like a virtual business card and resume. “Check out my blog! See what I can do!”

However, Matt Mullenweg and others want to really push the limits of what social means in social networking and put WordPress at the center of your social experience online. Their first steps came with the release of the Prologue WordPress Theme and the incorporation of BuddyPress. They are hard at work to make it even more “social”, though what that means is my question.

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Let’s brainstorm. What would that look like? If you were in charge of social networking around the world, what would you want on your blog to make it more social and connect all the online social with your blog as the center focal piece?

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