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Is Corporate America Finally Getting Web 2.0? (YouTube And CBS)

Is Corporate America Finally Getting Web 2.0? (YouTube And CBS)

After years of fighting sites like Napster, AudioGalaxy, and every peer-to-peer sharing network under the sun, it looks like corporate America is getting that social network sites like YouTube can be an asset instead of a pain in the “you know what.”

(Reuters) CBS uploaded more than 300 clips that averaged about 850,000 views per day in the first month, in an early sign that YouTube’s deals with TV and traditional media businesses could be paying off, the companies said in a joint statement.

CBS said ratings of its late-night programs have seen increases since uploading the shows, including adding 5 percent or 200,000 new viewers to “Letterman” and adding 7 percent or 100,000 viewers to “The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.”

This is probably a wise maneuver for CBS, as suing companies out of existence has not quenched the thirst for piracy of content (also known as “sharing”). CBS, along with several other music companies are finally realizing that they can use web 2.0 to their financial advantage, without isolating their fans who simply want to show off what they enjoy to the world.

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Although not everyone will get how web 2.0 can benefit them, it looks like corporate America is taking its first step into a larger world.

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