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Is Kanoodle the nets dumbest advertising firm?

Is Kanoodle the nets dumbest advertising firm?

Duncan Riley> I’ve been doing a lot of experimenting lately in relation to advertising firms, both because I’m looking to put something together for a post here at the Blog Herald, and naturally checking out what’s available for the new network.

So far I’ve learnt alot, there are some good companies out there, some with reasonable returns, and most importantly, most with great customer service. And then there is Kanoodle.

When I started this latest round of investigating the various options out there I dedicided that I was going to start from scratch and ignore any previously poor experiences I had. I was mistaken. Back in April I posted here the details of my experience with Kanoodles DomainHop service. I really should have known better.

Forward to September, I applied for the Blog Herald and The Gadget Blog to join Kanoodle’s BrightAds advertising network. Whether I would have run with them in the long term would have been subject to me experimenting with the advertising and seeing how well it worked, but if their product was as good as they say it is naturally I’d be inclined to stick around.

Then I get the following email today:

Dear Duncan:

We regret that we won’€™t be able to run BrightAds on these sites:

Blog Herald – Web site
TGB [The Gadget Blog] – Web site

Kanoodle limits distribution of BrightAds to Web sites that reach a primarily North American audience. Because these properties appear to be geared towards foreign markets, we don’€™t believe they can work well with BrightAds.

As we expand BrightAds in the future, new opportunities may open up for your sites to be successful using BrightAds. If they do, we’€™ll let you know.

Best regards,

The BrightAds Team

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i don't know what to do purpose

Oh my god, I’ve got people outside of the United State reading my blog, call the National Guard, call the Pentagon!…but hold on a sec, how the hell did they come up with this conclusion? lets take a look at some server stats:

From the Blog Herald

Hmmm., that’s a lot of Americans, indeed 10.21GB of traffic from 14GB of traffic to September 21 (and this excludes search engine spiders and non-page activites).

Lets take a look at The Gadget Blog

Hmmm.. lots of American’s again.

Maybe I should deliver a similar message to the man I’ve posted about over on Simply Dumb? Certainly all their competition didn’t have a problem with these sorts of stats. I wrote back in April that my experience then didn’t bide well for BrightAds, and I was right. If you’re looking around for some alternatives to Adsense strike Kanoodle off your list. The term “complete and utter waste of internet space” comes to mind.

PS: Just to let people know that I’m running with Fastclick at the moment in the top right hand corner. They pay on a mix of CPC and CPM, and as much as the advertising isn’t everyone’s cup of tea I’m impressed so far with the initial results. I’ll be putting together something shortly on the various companies and my thoughts on them and the results.

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  • Duncan – they aren’t the only people who can’t accept that Webmasters outside of the US might actually have some US based traffic.

    Try some of the advertisers on Commission Junction, Linkshare and Shareasale – they’re just as bad.

    One day – hopefully the penny will drop and they’ll realise that some of the biggest traffic people don’t live in the US at all.

  • I have run into these guys many times over the years while attending various trade shows like Ad Tech and Search Engine Strategies. Aside from their after-hours trade show activities, there was always something about them that didn’t seem quite right. However, I was recently considering (actually on my list of things to do today) contacting them regarding some contextual advertising and CPC advertising opportunities. Because I have seen their name come up quite a few times lately, I was starting to think that maybe they had gotten their ducks in a row over there. Is your blog an act of providence? Do any of you have any experience working with Kanoodle as an advertiser?

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