Is The Google Video Blog Saying Farewell?

After breaking one of the golden blogging rules (thou shalt post no less than once per month) it seems as if the Google Video Blog may be closing up shop by posting a final farewell to all of its readers.

(Google Video Blog) I want to start off by giving my heartfelt thanks to all of who have been loyal readers of the Google Video Blog. It’s been a real pleasure delivering the best of Google Video to your screens. But even though you may not be receiving your daily dose of entertainment from me, fret not! There’s a plethora of footage at your fingertips on Google Video and of course on YouTube! And if blog reading is a regular habit, do check out the YouTube Blog to find out what the YT editors consider must-see.

And again, thank you for staying tuned. Here’s to hours of happy viewing to you.

If this is truly the end of the blog (a sad sight to see for any weblog) then this latest announcement would explain the two month hiatus the team has been taking from entertaining their loyal readers (I being one).

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Despite the fact that YouTube’s blog is alive and kicking highlighting magic tricks, lovable bellies and the ever entertaining vegemite wars, it just will not be the same without the Google Video blog.

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  • Now that Google owns YouTube I suppose there is no longer a need for the Google Video blog. (especially if they are considering closing Google Video itself)

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