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Is Your Blog FUBAR?

Is Your Blog FUBAR?

FUBAR is military slang going way back. It means Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition. Certainly we don’t like blogs that are FUBAR. And neither does Brian Clark from Copyblogger who offers prescriptions to common mistakes made by bloggers when growing their blog.

Actually, while reading through his 5 scenarios, the #5 item rang true for me:

5. Do you write for search engines instead of people?

Your blog is suffering from ‘€œrobotitis,’€? an affliction characterized by boring, keyword stuffed content that serves only to fill the blank spots between AdSense ads. If you actually hope to sell something, you need emergency attention, fast.

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This doesn’t necessarily ring true for me personally as I tend to write a lot of original content that is (gasp) geared for readers and not search engines. However, there are quite a few blogs out there that I see everyday that jump on the link-whore bandwagon and generate content for the sake of ad-clicking and search engines.

Either way, Brian makes some excellent points and demonstrates why he is the king of content. Well done, Brian. I need you to fill in for me on my blog when I go on vacation. :)

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