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John McCain To Followers: Its Time To Troll The Blogosphere!

John McCain To Followers: Its Time To Troll The Blogosphere!

Ironically, just when this author started to warm up to the Maverick (for entering into hostile territory), it looks as if they are encouraging their followers to post “positive thoughts” or at least actively defend McCain’s name in the comment section, an item that may not please many political (and non-political) blogs.

( Help spread the word about John McCain on news and blog sites. Your efforts to help get the message out about John McCain’s policies and plan for the future is one of the most valuable things you can do for this campaign. You know why John McCain should be the next President of the United States and we need you to tell others why.

Select from the numerous web, blog and news sites listed here, go there, and make your opinions supporting John McCain known. Once you’ve commented on a post, video or news story, report the details of your comment by clicking the button below. After your comments are verified, you will be awarded points through the McCain Online Action Center.

It’s not the fact that John McCain is encouraging followers to comment upon blogs/news sites that is disturbing. After all, its probably wise to have a volunteer army defending ones own name.

Its the part where users have to report back to headquarters, as if its some intelligence agency (like the KGB or CIA).

If McCain wants to be successful online (as well as off) then he should encourage passionate followers to simply voice their opinion without the need to receive a “pat on the head” by reporting their daily good deed.

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Otherwise he just might find himself fighting the blogosphere once again.

(Hat Tip: Hot Air)

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  • John McCain might have been a good US President but the people in the US does not need another Republican, that is why he lost in the election. Obama perfectly states the need of the people in his campaign slogan and that is “change we can”.

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