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Kodak Appoints Chief Blogger (Dream Job Anyone?)

Kodak Appoints Chief Blogger (Dream Job Anyone?)

While many corporations have blogs, most of them are run by either passionate employees or the marketing departments trying to score some SEO points.

Kodak on the other hand has decided to place its two blogs (A Thousand Words and A Thousand Nerds) into the hands of Jennifer Cisney, who will be its first “Chief Blogger.”

(Fox Business) Eastman Kodak Company […] today announced that it has named Jennifer Cisney as the company’s first Chief Blogger. Cisney will provide daily oversight and creative guidance for Kodak’s two blogs – “A Thousand Words” and “A Thousand Nerds” – and will boost the company’s social media presence. In addition, Cisney will serve as the company’s eyes and ears online, listening to customer feedback and sharing ideas and tips related to Kodak’s products and services.

“Just over ten percent of Fortune 500 companies have public blogs. Fewer still have Chief Bloggers, and Kodak is among the first to name a female Chief Blogger,” said Jeffrey Hayzlett, Chief Business Development Officer and Vice President, Eastman Kodak Company. “As Kodak continues to break new ground in the imaging industry with our innovative products and services, we are committed to staying on the cutting-edge of social media by utilizing the talents of our people.”

Before any bloggers go out scouring the net for “Chief Blogger” vacancies, this article does mention that Jennifer was an employee with Kodak for well over a decade before she was recently promoted. She had also very active in posting her thoughts on “A Thousands Words,” which may have aided the blogs success.

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Whether or not more jobs in the corporate world will appoint a “Chief Blogger” are yet to be seen, although if one is already blogging part time at a medium sized company, it may not hurt to ask the boss to start a corporate weblog (if they do not have one already) and work your way into the position a few years later.

Update: Article was edited for clarity and grammar. Thanks Fran!

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  • This is my first time on the site, and I’m struck by the eggregious grammatical errors. Is this a hip blogger thing? I’ve never seen such sloppy grammar on a professional site. I don’t get it.

  • This is my first time on the site, and I’m struck by the egregious grammatical errors (in this article, at least). I’ve never seen such sloppy grammar on a professional site. I don’t get it. Is this a hip blogger thing?

  • I remember the days when “webmaster” became a “catch all job description” to include anything and everything that had to do with a computer.

    The title “Chief Blogger” as defined above is already suffering from “job description bloat” evidenced in the Press Release.

    Jennifer is not only going to be responsible for the two company blogs… but she also gets to take point on customer service issues AND monitoring their brand representation on social networking sites.

    All I can say is I hope she has a staff of 10 or more in order to achieve the stated objectives.

  • Chief Blogger, it would be great if people in the large companies actually understood that blogging was to add value by exposing to people who were interested what really went on in a company, WITHOUT the spin doctoring!

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