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Little Known Facts About Remote Working

Little Known Facts About Remote Working

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Remote working has become somewhat of a buzzword in the blogger community. It throws up images of relaxing in a small café by the beach, tapping away on your laptop and essentially living your best life. But remote working doesn’t necessarily mean tropical climes; as more businesses start to include it as part of their operations. For freelancers like bloggers, this is great news; it really does allow for the flexibility of lifestyle that being curious about the world needs.

So, we’re all super on-board with remote working but what else do you need to know about it to make it work best for you? We’ve gathered some little-known facts and tips about working remotely to make sure you get the best from it.

It can make you a great communicator

It’s a bit of an assumption that working remotely makes you an introvert – who would choose to work far away from all of their colleagues? But in reality, thanks to technology, you’re not cut-off and you’re far from antisocial. Recent studies show that remote workers are more engaged than some of their office-dwelling counterparts if given the right tools.

But working remotely also forces you to become the master of emails, ensuring they’re in-depth but not rambling essays. It also requires a certain amount of nuance – how often have you read an email and thought someone’s tone was off? It’s all too easy to go from formal to stone-cold meanie, so working on those communication skills will make you an even better writer and blogger.


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Your company could still be responsible for your health and safety

It’s not a fact that blows you away but it’s a really important thing to know. If you’re hired as a remote worker by one company (you might be a creative, but bills still exist), they need to ensure you are safe while working for them. This might be them sending you information on how to properly set up your chair and laptop or asking you to ensure your equipment is in full working order.

If they send you equipment to use for your work, they have to make sure it’s safe for you, and if you were hurt while using it, like if the laptop caught fire, they would be liable for that. Knowing exactly what your company is responsible for is can make it easier if things go a bit wrong.

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Giving yourself a proper workspace makes you more productive

We mentioned that beautiful tropical beach earlier, which sounds like the most perfect workstation ever, but in reality would be a pretty distracting environment. The fact is, you need to prepare yourself for work in order to be your most productive. A busy location, like a café, can easily become distracting, so quieter locations are more desirable.

Also, do you have work clothes? It sounds like a gimmick, but having certain items of clothing you wear when you’re “at work” can help separate you from tasks that distract you. It might be that you always wear a particular top or you only wear glasses when working, but whatever you choose, make sure that putting it on is the signal for you to hunker down and get working.

Not having a commute can be great for your mental health

Long commutes to the office are proven to have a negative impact on your mental and physical health. People with long commutes have worse health and lower levels of happiness than those with shorter commutes. It’s not hard to understand why; commuting can mean being on public transport with no personal space for an hour, or being in slow moving traffic and getting cut up every few minutes. It can also mean you consume more calories as people tend to be hungrier the later they’re home and therefore snack more often.

Remote workers don’t have to deal with the stress of cars, buses or trains and often get longer in bed. But it’s better for you to use some of that extra time for exercise instead. This isn’t just great for your overall health, it can help your mind too.

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  • Indeed, remote working is very much better, convenient and a very much flexible work option. Having the luxury of working in a less stressful environment could actually give you an inner piece and do work better. It is also a cost-effective solution for businesses to reduce overhead costs. As some virtual companies really do work and become successful. Nice article, keep posting.

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