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Minneapolis Star-Tribune Takes Heat For Demoting Blogger

Minneapolis Star-Tribune Takes Heat For Demoting Blogger

In today’s digital world, it is not surprising to see many journalists posting on blogs, as they provide an informal view on their take on life.

While some newspapers may see reporters with blogs as a “simple yawn,” it seems like the managers of one news agency may be giving their employee’s blogs a second look, especially after a recent episode involving a prominent blogger writing for their paper.

(ABC News) The most heated topic in the blogosphere this week was the announcement by James Lileks, one of the world’s most popular bloggers, that his longtime employer, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, was taking away his print column and putting him back on the reporting beat.

This announcement, which first appeared late Monday night in Lileks’ column, initially drew shocked disbelief, then an explosion of anger — mostly in the form of letters to Lileks in support (including one from me) and to the Star-Tribune in righteous fury. On his radio show, Hugh Hewitt devoted a couple hours of precious airtime to the news.

James Lileks, who blogs over at (note: what? no RSS?) seems to post mostly about the mundane parts of life that everyone is familiar with (such as shopping at JC Penny, etc.). As boring as retelling one’s thoughts about ones day is, James seems to have secured a deeper link with his readers than the newspaper he works for.

If they have not already made a concrete decision by now, his managers are probably reviewing whether to allow him to remain at his post or follow through with their initial judgment.

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Either way, with so much news reporting how blogging can get you fired, its good to see a story where blogging could potentially save your hide.

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  • The newspaper response is so out of date just showing a bad knee jerk re-action (unless something else is happening in the background-office politics anyone?). The newspaper should have promoted the guy and made his postings exclusive to the newspaper website as part of his employment.

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