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MoFuse, And Why Every (Non Geek) Blogger Should Use It

MoFuse, And Why Every (Non Geek) Blogger Should Use It

If there is one thing most bloggers do not mind getting its traffic. Whether they post for attention or money (and sometimes both), bloggers are usually willing to pay any price (whether time or cash) to ensure their sites are optimized for their audience.

Even though most serious bloggers will make sure that their site is displayed properly in both Firefox (version 2 and the beta 3) and Internet Explorer (version 6, the dreaded 7 and beta 8), many however do not even consider making sure their blog can be displayed on a simple mobile phone.

Having a mobile version of your blog is important, especially if your site is receiving traffic from the eastern world (as the phones there are usually more advanced, as well as more affordable than a PC is in the west).

While most affluent bloggers and/or geeks have the spare change and time to optimize their weblogs, many bloggers do not.

Fortunately for the rest of the population (this author included), you do not have to worry about making your site mobile friendly, as a new startup called MoFuse will do the heavy lifting for you for free.

After seeing a review of the site by TechCrunch, this author decided to take the plunge and test Mofuse for himself.

Setting up the site was rather easy. The only thing MoFuse requires is a RSS feed, and after submitting it into the proper field your mobile site should be up in running in under a few seconds (or rather five).

After launching your site, users will find a host of tools at their finger tips, including the ability to insert Google ads within your mobile site (in which you share 50% of the revenue with the company, or 100% if you go pro) as well as a stats package to track where their visitors are coming from.

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But was most interesting about MoFuse was not the fact that they were able to make your site “iPhone friendly” (to the applause of Mac fans everywhere), but rather the ability to have the mobile site appear underneath your own personal domain for a hefty $3/month! (which is about 2 Euro’s for those of you blessed enough to use it).

The only draw back to MoFuse was the inability to use ads with the iPhone layout, although they are working on a fix for that. (note: in all fairness, Facebook has yet to insert ads into their iPhone portal)

While “uber-geeks” will probably prefer to roll their own mobile version of their blog, non-geeks (as well as semi-geeks like me) will probably enjoy using Mofuse to display their blog to the mobile viewing masses.

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