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NASCAR Getting Into Social Networking?

NASCAR Getting Into Social Networking?

NASCAR fans now have a new way to connect with each other, as NASCAR has launched a social network, making it easier for die-hard race car lovers from around America (and perhaps the world) to connect with each other.

(WRAL- Local Tech Wire) ‘€œIn addition to their passion for the sport, NASCAR fans share many common interests that include a diverse range of social, outdoor, hobby and lifestyle activities,’€? said Patrick Brady, Stoneacre’€™s chief executive officer. ‘€œFrom the outset, the Official NASCAR Members Club has provided a social networking infrastructure to build local, national and global communities through our offline programs, including over 1,000 Local Chapters already in the US. Now our enhanced online capability will take our NASCAR community to a new level.’€?

Unfortunately this new feature is only available to members of the Official NASCAR Membership Club (which is a preimium service). Although IMHO a free site loaded with ads would fare better for NASCAR, it is good to see more established businesses using the new web 2.0 to their advantage.

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