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New blog network: b5media launches

New blog network: b5media launches

After months of planning I’m happy to announce the launch of the worlds latest blogging network, b5media.

The network bringing together Jeremy Wright (serial blogger from and Darren Rowse (blogging at and yours truly in partnership under the b5media banner.

More details are available on the b5media blog here. The network is still officially in beta with work still being done on templates (we are working with Peter Flaschner from the Blog Studio who has designed the logo and the template currently running on the b5media blog) and other bug fixes, but its all go at this stage.

If you’re interested in writing for the network details are available here.

The network launches with 11 13 blogs (excluding the b5media blog itself) and brings together some amazing people on a diverse range of topics.

Making the roster for the beta launch are:

Cell Phone 9 – a blog about mobile phone technology – written by Jayvee Fernandez from the Philippines who has extensive experience writing for a variety of magazines and sites on technology. He introduces himself here. Jayvee has 2 years of blogging experience and blogs on his personal blog at The Bugged Life

Flight Nest – a blog exploring the many facets of aviation. Tim Flight (real name) and Mike Elgan are the bloggers at Flight Nest. Time is from Maine in the USA and blogs at a cool blog called GPS Review and Mike is a technology writer/publisher/editor based in California who is involved in some pretty amazing projects both on the topic of aviation and wider technology. Check out some of his work at his site. Both Tim and Mike are hobby pilots – they know what they’re talking about and are set to make this an authoritative blog on a very popular topic.

Simply Dumb – this is where b5media gets a little quirky and takes a look at… well the dumb side of life. It’s a blog about Weird, wacky, wonderful things from around the web.

The Sports Weblog – Jacob Murphy heads up the Sports Blog which is the name suggests – is about Sport. Jacob lives in Canada and blogs at lyef & thymes (to name must one blog he’s worked on). Jacob has chosen to add personality to the mix, by always favoring one team in each league, and always contrasting things against that team.

The Movie Weblog – Jacob is also heavily involved in the movie blog (what a life – paid to write about sport and movies – all we need to do now is start a beer blog and he’ll be set!). Alongside Jacob is his co-editor – Erin Harvey. Erin is a self confessed ‘web addict’ and wrote one of the best applications for the job of editor of this and our ‘Play Girlz’ blog. She’s been blogging on a couple of blogs since 2002. The Movie Weblog will have a combination of movie news and reviews – real reviews by real people.

The Play Girlz Gaming Blog – Erin is involved in this blog also – a blog about Gaming by a couple of female gamers, Erin and Ingrid Diaz. Ingrid is from France and this is her first ever blog! I wouldn’t classify myself as a gamer, but yesterday when I forwarded the URL to a gaming friend, her reaction was real excitement – so it looks like Erin and Ingrid have already done something right! Erin and Ingrid are fun and funny – they came up with the name for the blog themselves – it should hit the spot with gamers – male and female!

The Microsoft Weblog – a blog written by John Evans from Syntagma. John is from the UK – and this blog is, as you’d expect, covering all news, rumors and and tips on the topic of Windows.

Windows Vista Weblog – John Evans is also heading this blog up – it and the Microsoft blog make a nice companions of one another – don’t you think? Windows Vista is Microsoft’€™s next Operating System so this blog should have plenty of interesting news, rumors and tips to post for some time to come.

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Cooking Gadgets – I know a few people who are going to love this one – they’re the type that can’t get enough of those homeware shops, they drool over cheese shavers, talk for hours about apple corers and have draws full of all kinds of wonderful ‘essential’ kitchen tools. Professional blogger, Arieanna Foley from Canada, is heading up this blog. She’s a blogger on more blogs than I can mention here – but makes her blogging home at Blogaholics. I’ll be keeping my partner away from this one – she doesn’t need her kitchen gadget addiction fed.

She Knows Best – Arieanna Foley is heading up this blog also – one that I suspect I should probably add to my RSS subscription as its a blog about giving guys easy ways to be stylish, in an affordable, low maintenance way. Hairstyles, fashion, self esteem, whatever helps a guy be a better guy – all according the the world’s best source of information on how guys should live their lives…..Women! (who wrote that??) It’s kind of ‘Queer Eye for the Straight Guy’ with a twist.

Literally Blogging – a blog about literature. It’s one of the newest blogs to be added so only has a few posts and is next in line for a new template – but its a blog we’re excited about and wanted to squeeze into our first round of launches. The editors on Literally Blogging are Jacob Murphy and Erin Harvey (our team on the Movie Blog also).

Unplugged Living – I’m pretty excited about this one – a blog on living off the grid and finding your way to energy self-sufficiency. This will not only be a blog that a has a growing audience over the coming years (I know here in Australia this is a massive topic) but its one that hopefully gives something back to the world we live in. Kevin Humphrey is the editor on this blog – he’s an experienced blogger at Turbo Blogger (and other great blogs) and is a self confessed hippy – sounds perfect for a blog with a green bent.

The Search Engine Herald.

There are also a number of new blogs on their way as well. Stay tuned.

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