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New cash for comment network opens

New cash for comment network opens

Marketing firm MindComet has launched the BlogStar Network, a network that is being billed as “providing marketers access to the immense power of the blogosphere and consumer generated media” through the integration of content directly onto blogs. That’s right: cash for comment.

To quote their media release, the network creates opportunities for product reviews, testimonials and focus group testing, and not only that, they are marketing the cash for comment based on the fact that the post will be on a blog for ever more, unlike a short term ad:

BlogStar Network delivers marketers something traditional blog ad networks can’t–longevity. “Our content becomes part of the fabric of each individual blog. The content is read by users, indexed by search engines, archived in the blog’s history and most importantly syndicated via RSS,” comments Ted Murphy, President/CEO of MindComet. “The BlogStar Network provides marketing content integration that can deliver a positive return for years on end.”

But just is case you think I’m being a bit harsh, here are some more quotes:

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“Consumer web posts and recommendations outperform almost all other forms of advertising,” said Murphy. “We provide marketers with access to both in a way that has never been done before.”

Some people just don’t get the blogosphere, do they!

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