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Organizing a Bloggers’ Meet-Up Party? Check Out These 5 Tips

Organizing a Bloggers’ Meet-Up Party? Check Out These 5 Tips


You’ve planned a party for local bloggers and you’re not sure how to make it successful. The good news is that it’s easier than you think. After all, bloggers are people too.

People who love to party, whether they’re bloggers or not, tend to share common interests at parties. Here are five tips that will make your bloggers’ party a hit.

1. Make sure you have functioning Wi-Fi

Bloggers are, by definition, people who thrive on the Internet. This means that, even at a party, they’ll want to be online for certain occasions. Some of them will be checking their Facebook page. Others will be live-tweeting the party with humorous updates.

What that means for you is: make absolutely certain that you have Wi-Fi. Make sure that it’s working.

You’ll probably need to tell your party guests your network password so that they can access your network with their mobile devices. Remember, you can change it later.

2. Snacks

The party scene is not a time for gourmet meals. It’s a time for finger foods and easy-to-eat snacks.

Have a nice spread available so your guests can chow down a little bit at a time. Also, make sure you offer diversity in your snack tray. You may have some vegetarians or people with peanut allergies in attendance.

3. Drinks

When it comes to drinks, you’ll almost certainly find that adult libations are preferred. Stick with beer for the most part. It’s cheaper than mixed drinks or rum-infused punch.

Wine is also relatively expensive, compared to beer. However, you’ll also want some soda on hand for designated drivers and people who don’t drink alcohol.

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4. Clean your house

If you’re throwing a party for bloggers, then you’re probably a blogger yourself. Some bloggers are known to get so consumed by their online activities that they neglect their home.

If you’re one of those bloggers, then take the time to clean your house properly before the party. Make sure you dust, vacuum, and clean the windows. Get rid of clutter as well.

5. Pick the right band

What good is a party without music? If you want to really make an impression on your guests, hire a live band to perform at your party. They’ll take requests and party right along with the bloggers. It’ll be an unforgettable blowout.

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