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President Bush Cites Iraqi Bloggers As Evidence For Improvement

President Bush Cites Iraqi Bloggers As Evidence For Improvement

It’s not everyday when the leader of a super power cites your blog as a reference for his speech!

In a speech addressing critics of the war, President Bush cited a post by a pair of Iraqi bloggers as proof that life in Baghdad was improving, slowly but surely.

(The Sydney Morning Herald) “‘Displaced families are returning home, marketplaces are seeing more activity, stores that were long shuttered are now reopening,'” Bush quoted the bloggers as writing.

In a speech, Bush did not identify them, but the White House said he was referring to an opinion article published March 5 in the Wall Street Journal by the two bloggers, Omar and Mohammed Fadhil.

Most political (or middle eastern) bloggers will probably be familiar with these names, but for those of you who are drawing blank faces these are none other than the publishers of Iraq The Model, a blog highlighting the good, bad and the humorous of living life in Iraq.

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Ever since the mention by Bush their traffic has tripled, as unfamiliar readers from the left and the right flock to see what their blog is all about.

Regardless of your viewpoint, its good to see more and more bloggers being mentioned among government officials, especially heads of state. Now if only these figure heads could actually start a blog themselves, instead of watching from the sidelines. ;-)

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  • Excellent! The Bush Administration praises the freedom of Iraqi bloggers who support their propaganda effort — all the while cracking down on law-abiding U.S. Internet users with warrantless searches and large-scale data mining. What a country!

  • Wow Mr. Chomsky,

    Yeah, while I don’t agree with everything the President says, I do know (from personal experience) what it feels like to have an intelligent person hate you to death because you happen to not share their faith.

    Beside the point, these bloggers in Iraq actually do a fantastic job of reporting what really goes on, from the good, to the bad, to the humorous and even boring.

    With the media generally reporting everything negative (probably to boost their sagging ratings) and the government spinning everything positive (in order to keep their jobs) these guys have actually reported Iraq as it is.

    Try actually reading what they have to say instead of taking pot shots in the dark.

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