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How to Provide Even More Value to Your Clients as a Freelance Blogger

How to Provide Even More Value to Your Clients as a Freelance Blogger

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Blogging is all about producing top-notch write-ups. This is very important especially if you’re a freelance blogger because you need to have a steady stream of clients. But it’s not just about perfecting your writing skills.

You might be a great writer but still struggling to make a decent income. If that’s the case, then you might be missing your client process.

Creating excellent blog posts is one thing. Managing your clients the right way is another. How to do that? Well, read on!

Offer discounts

Offering discounts make potential clients choose you because of your service’s affordability. But this doesn’t mean that you’re getting the rough end of the deal. Even though you’re offering cheaper services, you still get more clients and more money in the end.

One way to do this is by offering quantity discounts. The more blog posts your client orders, the more significant discount they get. You want to stand out because it’s a competitive world out there. Offering discounts help you with just that.

Showcase your testimonials

You’ll look good if your clients see what people think about you. Put your previous client’s testimonials on your blog. It lets your potential clients know what to expect from you. Good reviews are the foundation of trust. And when they trust you, they’re most likely to hire you. Just make sure that the testimonials are from real people. You can also include their name and profession beside their testimony.

Use screenshots and stats on your blog

Another cool way to give more value to your clients is by presenting them with reliable facts. There are times when words can’t fully explain what you’re trying to point out. Good thing there are screenshots. This help because it can efficiently relay the message to your readers.

This is very useful if you’ve got a tutorial blog full of technical instructions.  Putting statistics also backs up your blog. It supports the ideas you’ve presented, making it look legitimate and factual. Just be sure that the stats are from a reputable source.

Ask your clients questions

What usually happens when negotiating with a new client is we immediately say yes. We don’t bother asking questions because we want to look confident and able. That helps at the beginning. But you’re just increasing the risk for complications later on.

You won’t have enough information to do the job properly. You’re also likely to get lost as you go deeper into the project. What would you do when that happens? You’re going to get back to the client and ask them things you should’ve known in the first place. Not only will you look unprofessional, but you’ve just wasted time. Ask as many questions as you can. It’s the recipe for becoming a great blogger.

Provide an easy way to receive payments (without being a brat)

You won’t be a freelance blogger if you don’t do it for a living. As obvious as it may sound, that reality is what keeps your career intact. That’s why you need to make sure that the payment process is easy.

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It shouldn’t be a hassle for your client to pay you, and for you to receive the money. You can do this by using an invoice template generator like HubSpot’s. This will make it easier for you to notify your client about the payment. It’ll also help you receive the payments in time.

Promote their posts

Being a freelance blogger isn’t all about the writing. It’s also about the sharing. Your blog posts would be useless if no one reads it. When you’re through writing, you want to share it out with the world. There are lots of ways to do that. Working on your email marketing, social media, and SEO campaign are some of them. You can also use JustReachout to maximize your reach.


Income stability is an issue most freelance bloggers face. But with the help of these tips, there’s no doubt you’ll get over this common problem. Also remember that reputation, consistency, and continuous improvement are the pillars of being a great blogger. Keep these in your mind, and you’ll surely reach greater heights in no time.

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First published in 2018; updated December 2021

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