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Reflections on the week that was

Reflections on the week that was

Martin Neumann reflects on the week that was

My weekly column this week over at The Blog Herald caused a minor flare up. I said my piece and let it go from there. It was a good eye-opener, though. Lots of comments and feedback – emails!!! Extreme is all I will say to those emails. ;). To those who may or may not have jumped up my span quotient up by 750% as of this morning – thanks! Much appreciated.

I get some grief about columns at the Blog Herald from time to time – and that’s good, because it tells me that people are reading and getting riled up – which is part of what I love about the blogosphere. But what most folks don’t realize is that I don’t tell the columnists, or really any blogger here at The Blog Herald, what to write about.

They write about whatever they want – whenever they want. And I think that’s flat-out awesome.

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In fact, unless they leave a column in draft format here, I don’t even get to read their columns or posts in advance.

I love suprises…

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  • Matt – I knew it would get some attention but who knew that much – and the 9rules guys didn’t even show up – imagine if they did :)

    The nasty and threatening emails was like water off a ducks back for me (surprisingly they were all annonymous, except some don’t really know how easy it’s to find out were they’ve come from – way too easy actually !)

    But the sudden jump in spam annoyed me – maybe just a co-incidence, but I’m averaging 200 or so spams a week for quite a while now – I got 1900+ in the last 3 days alone – 500+ penis enlargement offers being the number one. :-) :-) I’m happy to leave it as being just a co-incidence.

    You love surprises – then wait for next weeks column… ;)

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