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Reinvigorate Your Marriage by Reading These Lovely Couple Travel Blogs

Reinvigorate Your Marriage by Reading These Lovely Couple Travel Blogs

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The reality of marriage is that it won’t be happily ever after all the time. The struggle is real in a wedlock – both husband and wife must make compromises and overcome struggle to make their relationship work.

This isn’t limited to couples who fight and argue. Problematic marriages also happen to couples who have become so complacent in their relationship that they end up doing the same thing everyday until they grow old.

By letting your relationship get stale, both of you will lose the spark and end up filing for a divorce.

If you see your marriage going down this path, you should do whatever it takes to inject some excitement and gain that spark back.

One way of doing this is by traveling together, whether it’s at luxury hotel or a cabin retreat house.  Experiencing new things at different places together can help strengthen your bond and bring back the love in your marriage.

To help you find the places where you should travel, take cue from some of the best couple travel blogs featured below.

The Fighting Couple

The Fighting Couple   Travel Ideas for Couples

Mike and Luci acknowledge the fact that they fight and argue, which makes their marriage healthy and strong. What makes it even stronger is their dedication to travel every year to celebrate their anniversary. Since their first anniversary at Lake Tahoe, they chronicle their travels, fights, and tips on how to make the most out of your travels in this blog.


The Wondernuts

Married couple Frank and Nicole manage day jobs: one is an owner of a design and animation studio; the other is a high school English teacher. As they climb up the ladders in their respective careers, they are also building a family and contributing to their retirement funds. To keep them from getting overwhelmed by their responsibilities, they take short regular vacation trips that bring them genuine happiness, which they cover in their blog.

Green Global Travel

Green Global Travel

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Bret and Mary’s relationship is highlighted by their travels all over the world. These are the times when both take solace from their lives. It also through their travels that Green Global Travel was born. Aside from detailing their trips in their blog, the site covers eco and culture news as well. Bret also offers his blogging mentorship and social media consultation through the site.

The Planet D

Just like most married couples, Dave and Deb have been overworked and out of time due to their jobs in the film industry. But they finally escaped the rat race and pursue their passion in travel, photography, and writing. Since launching The Planet D in 2008 full time, Dave and Deb have traveled to over 100 countries and they have pictures and posts to prove it.

For instance, their post about Malta makes you want to get a Malta citizenship and live there!

Their award-winning blog has been featured in online publications such as the The Lonely Planet, The Huffington Post, National Geographic, and more.

Final thoughts: The common denominator among the travel blogs listed above is that the couples found themselves in their travels together. Whether it’s doing things together or experiencing new things, they were able to enrich their relationships and led much more meaningful lives. By reading their travel blogs, maybe it can inspire you to make your marriage and relationship better.

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