Shiny Media launches 3 New Blogs

UK’€™s first and largest commercial weblog publishing company, Shiny Media has added a trio of new blogs;

Written by a team of snobbish music obsessives each day PopJunkie serves up a mini review of a great lost pop album. Some are the long lost work of major artists, such as Frank Sinatra’€™s odd concept album from 1969 Watertown or Cathy Dennis’€™ Brit Pop album Am I that kind of Girl?. Others are by completely obscure bands whose records were so out of time they now reside untouched in the bargain basement bins.


Trashionista gets to grips with the wonderful world of female fiction. We take an unbiased look at beach reads, bestsellers, new releases and old favourites – and we actually read the books before writing about them. The Trashionista doesn’t believe that ‘chick lit’ is a dirty word – but if a book is trash, we’ll let you know!

High Definition TV will arrive in the UK next year and HDTV UK is the first website to deliver daily updates of the latest HD news, whether it be new HD compatible screens, HD programming or HD ready video recorders.

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(note, originally credited in part to Problogger, however I didn’t read my email first because I actually had more details there, but reference where due)

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  • is it me or is the whole shiny network pretty much dead?

    I don’t think I’ve *ever* saw a comment on any of their blogs, considering techdigest was on CNN I find this suprising.

    Whats the problem there?

  • I think you will see plenty of comments on our blogs. If you look at one post on last week you will find it had over 50 comments. And just because Tech Digest doesn’t have as many comments doesn’t indicate a lack of readers – just the fact that it is the least ‘blog-like’ of all our blogs, providing more of a news-based, rather than interactive, service. Latest figures from show over 200,000 page impressions a month for EACH of our top three blogs:, and

  • Hi. We actually switched the comments off on Tech Digest and they only appear intermittently on Shiny Shiny. This is because of a huge amount of offensive posting, to say nothing of porn trackbacks, that both sites have suffered from. You can post our several of other blogs though. Just wish we had time to moderate them properly. Ho hum.

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