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Social Networking For Obese People?

Social Networking For Obese People?

For those suffering from the “disease of obesity,” there is a social network geared towards helping members overcome their overweight issues, as well as seek out medical experts for advice.

(PR Web) “The entire profile system has been revamped to make it much easier to use and customize,” explained Loi Tran, ObesityHelp Inc. Chief Technology Officer. “The new features provide members with the opportunity to create their own personal web space and to communicate with their friends without logging onto their email accounts. Members will not need to understand HTML in order to jazz up their profiles. Our new point-and-click tools will allow members to personalize their profiles in minutes, by making it simple to upload backgrounds and change fonts, colors and borders to make their profile uniquely theirs.”

ObesityHelp comes across as a mesh between MySpace (done right) and LinkedIn, as it provides an interesting connection between the business world (doctors, medical professionals, etc.) and the personal (everyday people).

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Although only boasting over 340,000 members, the site is already drawing a steady stream of traffic which may translate into huge profits via Ad Sense (since medical ads generally earn more per click than most other types, at least to my knowledge).

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  • I am an obese patient. I found my surgeon, my plastic surgeon, and a host of other helps on the website. Recently when the site changes went live I was able to add over 100 friends to my profile in a single day. is truly the “myspace” for the Obese.

  • I’ve used ObesityHelp for many years now and watched it grow and change. The recent changes are absolutly amazing. OH has been the cornerstone for the bariatric community for a long time. I highly encourage anyone that suffers from it or has a friend or family member that suffers from it to visit this community. They have many different message boards and mini communities to fit everyone’s situation. They can help you find local resources and support. They even have live local events across the country.

    If you havn’t checked it out, or it’s been a while since you did, I encourage you to take a look at the new OH.

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