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Summer Must-Haves for Every Digital Nomad

Summer Must-Haves for Every Digital Nomad

More companies are now hiring remote employees and are more open to flexible work arrangements. Some people may opt to work in a non-traditional office environment. This means they could work from home, or at a coffee shop thousands of miles away (yes, even while on vacation in another country). These people call themselves digital nomads. 

Digital nomads are a thing now. But what are they exactly? These are employees, or business people, who get their finances doing work online. These could be travel bloggers, writers, digital artists, or any permanently remote work. They could work anywhere, thus the ‘nomadic’ lifestyle they could possess. 

It is a dream job. We are in the day and age when we can choose flexible work arrangements – be it flexible hours, remote work, four-day workweeks, and the like. Just imagine, enjoying summer while working in a scenic beach environment. Who wouldn’t want that right? But wait, it would not be complete without the best summer outfit! 

If you are a digital nomad and are short on ideas on what to wear to tropical countries that are almost always summer, here are some good ideas to inspire you: 

Swimsuit Galore

What summer outfit will be complete without swimsuits, right? Some bloggers like going for basics – simple one-pieces with nude colors. While others like going all out with colors and designs. Swimsuits are easy to style, too. Do remember, though, that these swimsuits are not just for one vacation. Choose good brands that you know have good quality and choose designs that you think are classic and timeless. This way, you would not have to buy a new piece every time. However, keeping one ‘wild-card’ swimsuit lying around is not a bad idea either. 

Button-down white shirt and jeans (or jean shorts)

A classic button-down white, long-sleeved shirt with jeans is a good summer outfit every digital nomad should have in their luggage. This look just gives off a casual, and relaxed vibe but professional looking enough to attend virtual meetings. Also, this look can be rocked by people of any gender. It is a classic staple and it will never fail you. Planning to go out to lunch – you can wear it. You have dinner tonight – a good idea to wear it again. Important virtual meeting with a client – professional and casual at the same time. 

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Summer hats

Of course, you want your skin protected from UV rays. Even with SPF, added protection from a hat saves anyone from pre-mature aging. If you are a digital nomad, however, keeping a light pack is always a priority. No one wants gigantic summer straw hats that just wouldn’t fit in your luggage. It’s good for an Insta-pic but not practical for people who travel all the time. Some places sell foldable straw hats that are of good quality but are easy to pack, too. 

Waterproof tote bags

Waterproof tote bags are a must-have for any summer outfit. What would you use to protect all your battery packs, microphones, laptops, and lenses? A sturdy laptop bag is a good idea but it might not just work with the summer outfit. And let’s be honest, these kinds of bags are harder to clean with all the sand and saltwater, right? There are so many affordable, earth-friendly waterproof totes that every digital nomad would surely love. 

Beach sandals

A sturdy beach sandal is what every summer outfit needs to be complete. It will take you places and protect your feet from the scorching hot sand during the day. Look for ones that are slip-resistant and durable. Remember you are going to use these wet and dry and you must look for one that will last you if you plan to stay long on an island. Or, if you are a travel blogger you would need a pair that you would not throw out in the next few seasons. Vionic shoes have the widest variety of beach sandals any digital nomad can ask for!

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